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Xundori Pomila by Vreegu Kashyap download now

Xundori Pomila by Vreegu Kashyap , Xondori pomila assamese song

xondori pomila by vreegu kashyap

Audio Credits for Xondori Pomila:

Song: Xundori Pomila
 Singer: Vreegu Kashyap
Lyrics&Composition : Rekibul Hassan
Additional Lyrics: Sunit Gogoi
Music: Pulak Nath Backing
Vocals : Karabi Gohain Nath
Mix &Master: Diganta Bordoloi
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Video Credits for Xondori pomila:

Cast: Priyam Pallabee, Bishal & Aanchel S Malakar
Choreography: Rintu Choud hury
Asst.- Faruk & Samin
Cinematography: Bitul Das & Nagen Baishya
Editor: Manas Kashyap(Cinedreams)
Make-Up: Jaan, Riyaan, Seemu & Sumi
Production Manager : Prasanta Saloi

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