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Nilaanjana Lyrics- Papon

Nilaanjana Lyrics- Papon
Nilaanjana Lyrics- Papon

Nilaanjana: The one of the lovely romantic and popular trendy song in 2020 from the latest Assamese Song album Nilaanjana (2020).This song is about how two lovers can just express themselves without talking and the nature around them enhances the expression and their thoughts through its metaphors and similes.  Which is sung beautifully by Papon who was among the most famous youth singer of in India.The music of this new song is also given by Papon. The lyrics and concept of Nilaanjana are written by Jananjoy SaikiaCreative Director- Raktim Hazarika. Director – Parasher Baruah. Animator– Manjit Gogoi. The music label of Papon. 

Song- Nilaanjana
Singer- Papon
Lyrics- Jananjoy Saikia
Composed & Music produced by- Papon

Nijaanor eti obooj kolaahale
Baandhi raakhe duti mon
Dusokte aasilu xojaai 
Bhaal logaa eti khyon
Xurr bure taatei bhejaa laagi
Mounataa hoi ujaai
Khuji khupi bukute bohi roii
Kinu baahin bojaai

Nilaanjana… moor akaxor Phaagun Suwaana
Etii xurr polaaxor ..porixor jajabor…
Phaagunore duporiyaa
Taate ejaak bootaah
Silaakhoni uri phuraa
Jen tumaak sumi he jaai
Botaahot naase taai
Singiyu singaa naai
dhoraare ojoot obhimaan
Nilaanjana… moor akaxor Phaagun huwaana
Eti xurr polaaxor ..porixore jajabor…

Moromore duti pokhilaa 

The melodies nudge us gently,


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